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CERCLE Collab’s early childhood education shared resources alliance strengthens businesses and enhances program quality for Black and Latinx providers and programs serving underserved communities in the Greater New Haven area.

Queen Freelove, Owner, Babe's Day Care

Hello, my name is Queen. I am a child care provider. I’d just like to take a moment to thank the CERCLE organization for providing me with the much-needed supplies and information. Could not have overcome a lot of this if it were not for their support.

Shelta Wilson, Owner, Baby Me Daycare

I have been a member of CERCLE for some time. Being a member of CERCLE has been a great blessing. When I was first introduced to CERCLE, they sent me to school right away for 6 months. No other program has done that for me. I can also call CERCLE to get childcare information for my business. They have helped me with document processing for DCF. They helped me recover payments that were months past due.

During this pandemic, they have been very helpful. CERCLE has provided me with supplies and cleaning products to keep me operating in a clean, safe and healthy environment. There has not been a time when I called CERCLE and my needs were not addressed. I am happy that child care providers have a program like CERCLE.

Thanks CERCLE!